Piers Karsenbarg

Setting Up DNS (part 1)

Posted at — Apr 25, 2019

I use Hover as a a registrar (link includes a referral code). I’ve used them for a while and was really happy that they sold .dev domains. I could use Route53 completely for DNS, but I’d rather not put everything in there, especially as I might break something and lose access to something. This means that I’m still using Hover as my registrar.

There are two parts of this, mainly because there’s a manual step in the middle to add the name servers into Hover.

The whole thing will end up in a dns.tf file

So the first bit I’m running is:

resource "aws_route53_zone" "primary" {
  name = "${var.root_domain_name}"

That will set up the DNS zone in Route53 and provide with the NameServer records that will then go into Hover (you’ll probably need to give it some time to propgate - go make a cup of tea in the mean time).